Short Story Planning



I grew my income from $0 to over $1,000 a month in 3 months

writing short story romance.

This is how I plan out EVERY ONE of my stories.


    The FREE Download contains:


    • Character Sheets

    • Summary Sheets

    • Outline Sheets

    • PLUS, it also contains an example of my planning sheets for my newest release, In Love With The Agent.  You will see exactly how I planned out my story.


      You can Print it or edit it on your computer.

    INCLUDES, my Writing and Publishing Checklist

    Hello!  I am Amazon Bestselling Author, Hope Ford.

    I am here to help you kick off your romance writing side hustle.  I started with 0 Followers and 0 Subscribers.  I have gained ALL

    of my readers without purchasing ads.  I literally started this job as a side hustle. But it has become so much MORE!  I started this

    blog to help other wannabe authors be successful!  So thank you for joining me!

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