I’m so happy you are here!  I want to help you become a writer.  If you’ve tried before and were overwhelmed with writing a full length novel, then this is the place to be.

I want to help you make money writing short story romance!

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Are you a new author?

I created  Short Story Side Hustle (AKA, SSSH…. Mom Writes Romance) to help new authors make money writing short story romance.

I started making over $1k a month by my third month of publishing.  Two years later, I had my biggest month yet.  $22k in January 2020.  WHAT?!?  I know that blows me away too.

Anyway, I love to write, but what I also love to do is help people. That’s why I created the Short Story Side Hustle.  I wanted to show other women that this is possible.  You can do this!

And I’m here to help!