Hope Ford

Bestselling Author

Helping you start your writing side hustle

Hi, I’m Hope!  I started writing short story romance as a side hustle.  But it has turned into my full time job.  And I want to help you reach your goal of getting paid to write!

I created Short Story Side Hustle (AKA, SSSH…. Mom Writes Romance) to help new authors make money writing short story romance.

I started making over $1,000 a month by my third month of publishing.  You can see my Amazon Dashboard below to see exactly what I made.

Anyway, I hope I can help you in some way.  Even if its just to see that yes, you can make money writing short story romance.  Thanks for reading!

 * Please note the sales period is the month the books were sold, the Date is when I received payment, and Payout Amount is total money I received for that Sales Period.

Amazon Payment January 2018

Amazon Payment February 2018

Amazon Payment March 2018

Amazon Payment April 2018