Take 2 – Answers to your Questions

Today I’m answering more questions that I’ve received.

Question 1: How and Where Do You Come Up With Your Story Ideas?

I come up with ideas for my books a number of different ways.  Sometimes I get inspiration from other books and movies.  Sometimes I can get an idea just from looking at a picture.  I have gotten an idea before watching a baseball players mom talking to the coach.  Everything that happens to you in a day, everyone you meet, everything you see – can be turned into a story.  You just have to look for them.

Question 2:  Have you ever written a Romance book that you have never hit the publish button on and why?

No.  Every book I have written I have published.  I understand your question though.  Sometimes, after I finish a book, I wonder if it is going to be any good or not.  We are our own worst critics.  However, don’t let that fear stop you from publishing.  You won’t know until you get it out there.  And if you hit publish and start getting bad reviews – remember that it’s not the end of the world.  You can make changes to everything on your book – heck you can rewrite it – and put it back up.

Question 3:  When are you going to publish part two for your Short Story Romance Handbook?

I have been thinking about it, but I’m not sure what all I would need to put in it.  What would you like to see in it?  Send me an email and let me know.

Questions 4:  What percentage of your income is from sales vs. page reads (KU)?

80% of my income is from KU.  20% is from sales.  First, let me say, I love Amazon.  However, I don’t think its a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket. But I am nervous about dropping off if I take my books out of KU.   So, I have considered starting a new pen name and starting it wide to see how it does.  Just some thoughts.

Question 5:  Do you have any other pen names besides Hope Ford?

At this point in time, no.  Hope Ford is my only pen name.

Question 6:  Have you ever used ghostwriters or have plans to use them in the future?

I would never use a ghostwriter.  I don’t judge anyone that does, but I would not feel right using one.  I feel like I’m sort of lying to my readers by using a pen name, even though I feel like I have to use a pen name at this point in my life.  So, for me, I would not be able to use a ghostwriter because I would feel like I would be cheating my readers.  And I would never want to do that – I have some great readers!

Again, this is more of a personal issue for me.  Not judging.

Send Me Your Questions!

So that’s it for now.  I know I have a lot more questions to get to, but I promise I will get to them.  If you have a question, please submit it HERE!