I think this is important.  And I think it should be talked about.

I’ve been told I’m crazy for putting as much information out as I do.  It’s been said that I give too much and I’m just helping my competition.  So, this is just my opinion, but I’m going to say it.  If you think that helping another author is going to hurt you, then you’re wrong.

And I’m not saying you should co author a book with someone just to help them.  I’m not saying you should “associate” yourself with someone that could potentially hurt your author brand (for example, a sweet romance author working with an erotica author).

What I AM saying, is that if a new author or even an established author asks you for advice or how to do something, you should help them if you can!

Well, by now you know that I’m all about lists.  So, here you go:

5 Reasons To Help Your Fellow Author

1 – When you help another author, you are building your network.  You may be helping them now, but they may help you in the future.  You are building your team.  A team of people that you can talk to, vent to, and strategize with. Y’all, being an author is sort of lonely.  You want to have these people on your side.  

2 – When you share another author’s new release with your Readers, you are helping that author, but you’re also nurturing that relationship that you have with your reader.  Your readers want to know you.  They want to know what you’re reading, who your favorite authors are, and what reading suggestions you have.  So when you help promote another author, you are in turn also helping yourself.

3 – Help because there is enough to go around.  I’ve had people send me emails to thank me for helping them and then tell me that they feel bad for doing so because they plan to write about curvy women like I do.  You know what I think about that?  That’s ‘effing awesome!  I want there to be more stories about curvy women.  Hell, we need them.  Am I worried about competition?  I already have it and it goes back to the theory that there is enough to go around.  Plus, maybe if we get more curvy women books there will be a demand for more stock photos of beautiful plus size women. LOL – Just sayin’

4 – Learn and Grow!  I have learned so much by helping other authors.  I get asked questions all the time and some of it I don’t know the answer to.  So I research it, ask other authors, or ask companies (Kindlepreneur) that are super helpful on how to do something.  This alone has helped me grow so much as an author!

5 – Karma!  I always say that I am where I’m at because of my keywords and my publishing schedule.  If you’ve been here long at all, I know you’ve heard it a few hundred times.  Well, for now on I’m going to add this – I am successful because I help others.  I spend around an hour or more a day, Monday through Friday answering emails for Short Story Side Hustle.  I also receive emails from authors thanking me.  And let me tell you – it makes my day!  Honestly, knowing that I have helped a few authors is what keeps this blog going.  Here is a recent thank you I received:

Hey, girl! I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been publishing for two and a half years… Losing money all that time under multiple pen names. I even got trad published with one pen (all of those books tanked). It wasn’t until I found out about you that I started feeling like I could actually make a living at this. It’s been a month and a half and my new pen is the most successful I’ve ever had. You are AMAZING and an inspiration ❤❤

I’m attaching a screenshot of my KDP from Aug 14-today. You can see exactly when I published my first short. That’s because of you, lady.

Y’all!  I mean I can’t even.  Do you know how amazing this is? I’m so stinkin’ proud of her!

I truly believe that if you have a helpful heart, it will come back to you ten fold!  I know that I am 100% proof of that!  I know I don’t know everything.  Heck, there’s so much I don’t know!  But I’m always willing to lend an ear if nothing else.

“In Helping Others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.” – Flora Edwards

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Do You Want To Help?

Like I said there’s so much I don’t know.  Are you an author that knows something and wants to share it?  Here’s your platform!  Write a blog post.  You don’t have to be super in depth if you don’t want.  Make a list.  Write a paragraph.  Write a book!  Whatever you need to do to teach us something.  Send it to me and I will be more than happy to post it here with links back to you!

Here’s a list of things that I’ve been asked about and I would also love to learn more about!

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Or anything else you want to teach us!

Send me an email hope@shortstorysidehustle.com

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