How To Promote Your Audiobook

How To Promote Your Audiobook

Every audiobook you do through ACX will be given 100 US and UK promo codes that you can use to market your audio and get reviews. And now, the narrator, that’s me, also gets codes. These are basically free money; we get paid every time someone uses a code for our audiobook. This is a great way for us to promote each other.

The following are ways in which you can use them! We can also work together, doing a large giveaway or an audiobook tour. Just let me know what you want to do!

While there are some Audiobook specific sites where you can market, promoting the book in different ways (like Bookbub, Fb, Twitter, newsletters etc.) will also have a great impact on the audio!

Make sure that Whispersync is set up for the Audiobook. If it has not been set up, please contact to get the book synced. Most readers will grab the audio if whispersynced because it is offered at a discount that way.

  1. Audiobook is a great way to get reviewers! Cost is $12 per book, but you make that back and more. Enter the title, and in the next week, you will receive a link to people who want to review your book. You simply email people on the list with the code and link.
  2. Love & Lace Inkorporated– (ROMANCE GENRE ONLY) This is an online and physical quarterly publication designed for Romance readers! It is extremely affordable to put an ad in for a spotlight, Audiobook Feature/new release, Character Interview, Author Interview, etc.
  3. AudiobookObsessionReviewTeam– These ladies offer a team of over 400 audiobook reviewers. You simply give them your codes and they get you reviews. They also do Release tours, blitz, IG tour, etc. GREAT resource
  4. Audiobook Obsession They also do Release tours, Release Blitz and IG tours. The Review tour is probably the best at getting the word out! Many authors have had great success!


Audio Bookfly

Audio Loves

Aural Fixation

Sisters Spotlight

I’m a member of all these groups and have seen the fantastic work they do to help us authors and narrators. Other ways I help promote is through my podcast. Gina Talks Books. In my podcast, I talk about books I’ve narrated, wrote, or reviewed. It’s a great way to connect with other authors and have special guest.

Another great engaging tool is for the narrator to upload a video to facebook groups who promote audibles with a reading from the booth to help build buzz for the author we are producing for. This will build recognition for when the book is live.

I hope all this information helps you with the success of your audible and always feel free to reach out to me with a question or concern.



Do you want to work with Gina?  Find her here:


Author page with audio samples- Gina A Jones

ACX link- Gina A Jones ACX

ACX pen link- Brooke Chambers

The authors can also contact me personally for DYI production on my webpage.
How To Promote Your Audiobook
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My Take on the 7 Kindle Keywords

My Take on the 7 Kindle Keywords

(This post contains affiliate links.  All that means is that I receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase using the link.)

My Take on the 7 Kindle Keywords

Ok, so I’ll admit it, when Kindlepreneur released the article, 7 KINDLE KEYWORDS: USE ALL 50 CHARACTERS OR NOT?, it sort of blew me out of the water.  (If you haven’t read the article yet, read it now.  None of the below will make sense without it)

I don’t like change.  I mean, really don’t like change.  I had this strategy that I’ve used to get keywords and it was really working for me.

But I figured since I’ve been singing their praises for so long, I knew they wouldn’t lead me wrong.  So, I incorporated their new keyword strategy with my last two releases and these are my results.

Just a little back information, I have used this strategy to get my keywords in the past.

For the last two releases, Ford (released October 16th) and Cooper (released October 23rd) I used the strategy that I have always used for three of the keyword boxes and then for boxes 4-7 I filled them in with words that best describes my book (as explained in the article 7 KINDLE KEYWORDS: USE ALL 50 CHARACTERS OR NOT?).

Here’s my sales graph from Amazon for October 16 – October 27

Sales on Amazon

Here’s my KU Borrows from Amazon for October 16 – October 27

So, I am not a scientific person.  You’re not going to get a bunch of percentages, pie charts, or anything else from me. LOL.  When I look at this and also look at my income, I do see a steady rise from the first week to the second.  Does everyone else have a midweek slump?  Every one of my weeks slump in the middle, usually around Tues – Thurs.  But even my KU slumps are ‘higher’ than the week before.

Also, when I compare first seven days of the two books, Ford and Cooper, to the first seven days of Abby (released the week before with my old way of doing keywords), I experienced 2-4k more KU reads per day on the two new books.

Now, there are many factors to consider with this.  Time of month, time of year, etc.  One of them being, these two books were book 3 and 4 of a series.  I do great with series.  However, I did look at one of my old series to see if there was a jump like this and there was not one.

Also, I had my highest day EVER on October 27th.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

However, I have seen a steady climb since I changed my keyword strategy so I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep testing it out.

So, here are some questions I’ve had:

For the boxes that you ‘word stuff’ do you need to check the competition score for these word or phrases?

No.  You don’t need to check the competition score for the boxes 4-7.  (I do check the competition score for boxes 1-3).  However, I do check to see the number of searches on Rocket to make sure that they do have a search volume.

When thinking of search terms, I would want to focus on short story romance, not just short story.  And I don’t think people would just type in alpha man – they would type in alpha man romance.  So, my question – would I need to use romance in each box – or only one box? If I just have romance in the first box, would Amazon use it when using the 2nd box keywords. Or do the keywords not cross between boxes?

I had to get help on this one.  I emailed Kindlepreneur and there is not any testing done on whether or not Amazon will combine terms in different boxes.

So I would recommend that if alpha man romance has a high search volume, and even if it has a high competition score, I would still use this term in my “stuffed” boxes.  And as the article states, you are not penalized for using a term more than once.  Therefore, when I do my “stuffed boxes” I do use a keyword more than once (not in the same box) if I deem it necessary.

Do I really need Publisher Rocket for keywords? 

Yes, with this new article, I feel that you need Publisher Rocket more than ever.  It is so useful in finding low competition keywords for those first 1-3 boxes.  And it is even helpful for the boxes 4-7.  I use Rocket to check the search terms for these also.

Plus, it’s been said the less work that Amazon has to do to form a phrase, the better you rank.  So even with my last boxes I still put my niche words into Rocket and check some of the phrases to make sure they are in the best possible order I can put them in.

Do you work for Kindlepreneur?

LOL.  No I do not.  I have never worked for them or even met anyone that does.  (I do email them a lot though).  I just truly believe in Publisher Rocket.  I am, however, an affiliate for Publisher Rocket.  All that means is that I receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase using the link.  Any post I make has this declaration at the top of it, if it has affiliate links on it.

Plus, I hope by now, y’all realize that I would not “push” something that I truly didn’t believe in.

Did This Help You?

I hope this helped you.   If you have questions you are more than welcome to ask me, but also Kindlepreneur.  Their customer service is EXCELLENT!





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An Interview with Adele Niles

An Interview with Adele Niles

Hey All!  Today on the blog I’m sharing an interview with Adele Niles!  She is an experienced author (over 200 books) and offers some great advice.  My favorite part is when she tells you, your time will come!  Love this!  I hope this helps you and you learn something new!

An Interview with Adele Niles

Tell me about you and your books (how many books have you written, when did you start, what type of books, etc.)

As of this morning, I have 217 books under various pen names. I started writing as a hobby in 2012 with a dog training book, but decided that non-fiction wasn’t for me and basically stopped writing until 2014. That’s when I decided to try my hand at romance. I’ve published a majority of my books under a different pen name until 2017 and was forced to take a break for some personal reasons. I still publish under that name, and most of those are romantic thriller and billionaire romance. However, all of my new, shorter books are written under Adele Niles. (I won’t give up my other pen name, but here’s a hint: It’s all in the name.)

How do you come up with your ideas for your books?

Songs. TV. Everyday life. Sometimes I’ll see a song title on the radio and I can immediately think of a story, completely unrelated to the song. Other times it’s just a phrase in a song that triggers something.
What are your tips for choosing a cover?
I’m terrible at covers. I’ve started making my own because I like dabbling in Photoshop, but they never turn out exactly like I want. I think covers need to have a good font. Something that’s eye catching. I used to spend so much time on worrying about the model and now realize I just need a cover that stands out. Period.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

I read, watch TV, go for a run, always listening to some sort of music. I try to do something creative, whether it’s making graphics or messing with my website. Anything that gets my mind off of words.

Do you write to market? Why or why not?

I’ve tried that and it’s never really worked for me. When I do, I find myself all over the place and just not happy with what I’m writing. I do try and keep up with trends, but honestly, I just want to put out a good story with real and believable characters that readers love.
What are five things you do to market your book, after you hit publish?
I’ll update Amazon Central, post on Facebook to my fan page and groups and post on Instagram (Although I’m terrible about keeping up with that). I also send out an email to my list of readers and will sometimes put the release in another author’s newsletter or a romance newsletter. I also update my website with the new book. After that I usually just stress and worry about how many books are being sold, how many people are reading and how I can find more readers.

What do you do if a book is just not selling?

See above, LOL. I vent and talk to other authors in some of my writing groups. I’ll usually try to do more social media engagement and maybe put the book in some additional newsletters, but I’m really frugal and hate spending money on things like ads if the book isn’t getting traction from the start. After that I’ll dive back in to writing.

What advice would you give a brand new author, just starting out?

Keep at it and realize that it doesn’t need to be perfect. Also, write something you love so it never feels like a job.

How do you deal with negative reviews?

I rarely read reviews. I’ll sometimes scan through them because I want to know how I can improve, but I never take negative reviews to heart. You can’t please everyone.

How do you build relationships with your readers?

I respond to emails and love to engage people on Facebook. A lot of readers just love to hear from authors and connect. I share what’s going on in my personal life and enjoy hearing about their lives as well.

How do you build relationships with other authors?

I try to reach out and congratulate authors when I see they have a huge win or launch. I’m also pretty open with what’s working for me and love to share when I can. I’m a part of quite a few author groups where we chat and talking about life outside of writing. Those groups really help, especially on the days when I feel like I’m struggling.

What are your plans for future books?

To write as much as I can. I’ll continue to write and publish. I have a few other sub genres in romance I’d like to play around with. I recently launched a PNR series that is a MC/Shifter romance. I enjoyed writing it, but it’s too early to tell whether I’ll do it again. I’ve had this entire series of MC romance books plotted out. The covers are done and it’s a pretty intricate storyline, but I’m scared to write it for whatever reason. So until then, I’ll keep writing Insta Love shorts.

Is there any other advice you would like to give?

I’ve realized that writing romance can be a challenge. There’s always new books coming out, authors that are hitting the top of the charts with their first books and finding quick success. Don’t give up. You never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Your best bet is to enjoy their success and be happy for them. Your time will come.

Do you want to learn more about Adele Niles?  Find her here:


Adele Niles

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