What is Email Marketing?

Very Simply put – It is sending information via email to your subscribers.

Should Authors Do Email Marketing?

Absolutely. Every author should have a subscriber list.  These are people that join your newsletter because they enjoyed reading your book.  Even if you only have five subscribers, you should be nurturing your list.  And I don’t mean sell them something every time you send them something.  Talk to them, get to know them and build a relationship with them.

Well, I have Facebook – why would I need to do a newsletter?

Great Question!  I attended a conference recently and they talked about this.  Let me show you numbers that amazed me.  These are actual numbers from an author.  The author has 31,000 followers on Facebook.  They posted 13 posts and had 230 clicks.  The same author has 29,000 subscribers, they sent two emails to their list and had 1,806 clicks.  Email marketing works.

Should I Have An Email Welcome Sequence?

Yes!  When a subscriber joins, why do they do it?  Because they like your books and want to know more!  In your Welcome Sequence, you should send 5-6 emails where you get to know your readers – ask them what they like to read, ask them which of your books is their favorite.  You don’t know how much this will help you in the future planning of your books.  You can also promote your books, but remember the 80/20 rule.  80% get to know them and 20% promote.   This increases engagement.  Check it out!  Here are my open and click rates!


Here is an example of what I put in my Welcome Sequence:

Email 1:

This is a ‘Welcome to my Newsletter’ email.  Thank them for joining you and give them a link to your Amazon Author page.

Email 2:

Do you have a group on Facebook?  Or do you do most of your posting and notifications on Instagram.  Share the link to one of these and tell them why they should join.  Also, let them know what you like to read.  Tell them who your favorite authors are.  Then ask them who they like to read.  Have them hit reply and let you know.

Email 3:

Tell them more about you!  Give them a list of 10 things that are interesting about you.  Then ask them to hit reply and tell you about them.  Get the engagement going!

Email 4:

Ask them to tell you what they like to read.  In my Facebook group, I asked a question about what my readers liked to read about (alpha men, older men, stepbrother taboo, cowboys, fireman, military – whatever!) and I plotted a whole series on their answers.  So not only do you get ideas, but you also get to know your readers better!

Email 5:

Tell them what you are up to.  Are you traveling?  What are your summer vacation plans?  Just let them get to know you!  Then ask them for a favor!  You will find that people love to help!  Ask them to leave a review for one of your books and give them a link to your Amazon Author page.

IMPORTANT!  When a subscriber emails you, please email them back!  This is very important!

My Welcome Sequence is Over, Now What?

You should send a newsletter to your subscribers when you have a cover reveal, a new release, or coming soon!  Decide on a schedule and stick to it!  However, don’t lose your engagement that you have already built with them.  Make sure they know how important they are to you.

What Email Service Tool Do I Use?

I use Convertkit and LOVE it!  Read more about it HERE!

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Email Marketing for Authors