Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and my answers

How much money do you make now?
Okay, I know in the beginning of my writing career I was totally transparent on what I was making each month.  I wanted to show you what was possible.  Well, now I don’t think sharing my income is going to be helpful to anyone.  I don’t want other new or even established authors to compare themselves to me.  That’s not what I’m about.  Please just know that it is possible to make a living doing this.
Will you read and critique my book?
No.  I’m sorry.  That’s not something I would do or even be good at.  You worked hard on your book and you need someone to tell you straight up all the good AND bad things about it so you can improve.  I wouldn’t tell you anything bad!  I would only point out the good stuff and wouldn’t have the heart to say anything bad.  Therefore, you need to find someone that would give you the whole picture.
Will you send out my book to your newsletter?
Send me a link to your book on Amazon.  I look at a number of things before I agree to share it.  I always want to share things with my readers that I think they would want to see.  So I will look at your number of books (my readers are voracious readers), the blurb, the cover and I may even read it before sharing.
How do you do a Facebook ad?
I’m not the best person to ask on this.  I have done one FB ad and it was not good.  I got a bunch of clicks, but not many purchases from it.  Sorry I can’t be more help on this.
How many pen names do you have?
At the moment, I have one.  I plan on having another at the start of the new year.
How do you get into the Kindle Short Reads Category?
That is not a category that you can request.  It is a Best Seller category and Amazon places you there if you meet certain requirements.  I don’t know what those requirements are.