2020 Short Story Writer Planner

    Get your 2020 Planner today!  Perfect for short story authors that want to publish weekly!

    The 2020 Short Story Writer Planner is made specifically for weekly book publishers. However, it is beneficial for all authors.
    In this planner, I include what I do each week to reach my goals and stay focused.

    In this 8.5″ X 11″ planner you will have:

    -A Monthly Goal Sheet
    -A Monthly Tracking Sheet
    -A Monthly Calendar (to keep track of important dates or you can use it as I do)
    -A Weekly To Do List (includes what I do and space for you to add your own)
    -A space for Daily Social Media, Weekly Keywords, and Weekly Blog Post ideas

    Get organized and stay focused with this Short Story Writer Planner!

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