When I created the Short Story Writer Twenty Twenty Planner, I had a few emails asking me to do a video or blog post explaining how I plan out my week.  So here it is!

Monthly Goals:

I first write down my three monthly goals.

My number one goal every month is to increase revenue by promoting new books and my backlist.  My number two and number three goal’s are always different.  Usually, I dedicate them to increasing social media followers, email subscribers, increasing audiobooks, print books, etc.  I also recommend that with your goal, you make sure it’s measurable.  For example, you want to make a certain amount of money, you want to reach a certain number of subscribers, etc.

Next, I write down all the tasks I’m going to do that month to reach my goals.  I also write down any extra projects I have for the month – multi author series, special release, giveaway, etc.

Monthly Tracking:

I keep track of all my details for each month.  On the last day of the month, I write down how many books I have, how much I made, number of email subscribers, social media followers, etc.  I do this every month to see where I’ve progressed and what I need to work on.

Monthly Social Media:

I then use a monthly calendar to plan the month’s social media.  This video is so helpful to me:

How to Plan a MONTH of Social Media Content in 60 Minutes (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc!)

Weekly Planning

I publish a book a week (usually).  So, I have a list of things I do every week for that book.  If you want to do what I do, it is in my Short Story Writer Planner.  You can get it here:  Short Story Writer Twenty Twenty Planner

(However, what I do is common sense, and honestly, probably what you do already. You don’t have to buy the planner – only if you want it fancified and ready to go).

So, I do all of my to do list for the book, but I also write down the topic of my social media each day, I write down my keywords I plan to use for the book (this is soooo helpful, because I go back and look at these often when I’m working on new books), and I write down the weeks blog post topic and ideas.

I have a Top Priorities for each of my days and this is where I write down what I HAVE to do that day.

So, that is how I plan my week.

Now, you can get the Short Story Writer Planner on Etsy, or honestly, you can do it on your own with any planner!  You don’t even need a planner, you can do it in a $1.00 notebook from the store.

Whatever you do, I highly recommend that you make a plan with your goals and your tracking – this helps so much!

Anyway, good luck to you!  I hope you have an awesome 2020!

I hope this helps you!


How I Plan My Month

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