Category Finder Website

I’ve received a few questions about categories so I thought I would share how I research what categories my book should be in.  Well, of course Publisher Rocket has a great, easy way on their platform, but I wanted to share something that was FREE to use.

There is an awesome website that helps with all of this.  Click Here for Category Website

When you go there, you can click on CATFINDER at the top of the page.

It will open a new page and you will see a space to enter an ASIN number. Type in the ASIN number of the book, click “Go Find” and wait for the magic.

It will pop up with all the categories that book is in.


Ok, so I usually search a book that I believe is comparable to mine.  We’re in the same genre, maybe same trope, or maybe we just both write instalove.  So I’ll search the book and find what categories it is in.  It will even tell you their rank in that category.  This is great information to see what categories you should be listing your book in.

Just a note, if your book doesn’t belong in a category, don’t put it there.  I know you probably already know that, but still, I had to put that out there. LOL


Go to Author Central

Find the book you want to update

Click Contact us at the bottom

Under select an issue, choose browse categories

Under select details, choose I want to update my books categories

Choose email and then type in the email what categories you want to add. And just so you know, when you request, you have to have the correct path.  BKLINK gives you the path you can enter.

When I looked up Bad Boy Best Friend, this is what it showed.  So if you wanted in one of these categories, you could copy and paste the thread from here. I highlighted above what I would enter if I wanted my book in the Contemporary Romance Fiction category.