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Can you write and publish a Short Story Romance in One week?

Absolutely!  When I first started writing, I made a promise to myself that I was going to write twelve stories in the first twelve weeks of the year.  I didn’t know what I was doing, but I made sure that I wrote every day.  And that’s what you have to do!  Make a commitment to work on your books every day.

What About When Something Comes Up?

And yes, things come up, I sometimes (most of the time) have to shuffle things around.  I work a full time job, my kids are both in school and I drive them back and forth every day.  They both play school sports and both play on travel baseball teams.  I had to make myself find time to work on my books.  I write in the car at my kid’s baseball practices, I write while I sit in my car waiting for them to get out of school, and I write every free moment I have.

What Does My Weekly Writing Schedule Look Like?


I brainstorm book ideas and do some research for my next book. First of all, I have heard that every plot has already been written.  If you think about it, that is true.

You and I could be told to write about two college students that meet and fall in love.  If we compared our stories, chances are they will be completely different from one another.

So, with that being said, don’t be afraid to start with a simple, used before plot and make it your own.

I find ideas everywhere, from movies I’ve watched, Instagram pictures that people have posted, stories online, etc.  I have literally been at a baseball game, watched a couple interact and come up with story ideas.  There are ideas everywhere; you just have to look for them.


I write out descriptions of my characters.  For the description, I write everything down.  Even if you are not sure you may need it, I still write it down.  I include age, sex, race, height, weight, size, tattoos or no tattoos, job, family, any history that may need discussed, education, etc.

Next, I write a summary.  This is just a quick paragraph or two describing what is going to happen in the book.

Last, I outline my story.  I write a brief outline and break down what will happen in each chapter.

I know some of these steps you may feel are repetitive, but they really help me to hash out the story in my mind and be better prepared to write the story.


I start writing the story.  This is usually the hardest part for me.  Sometimes it takes me a while to get started.  But I make sure that I sit down, concentrate and get rid of all distractions(phone) and work on starting my book.


Keep writing.  If I need a break, I search for possible book cover photos, but then I get back to writing.


Finish the book and submit to the editor.

When I first started writing, I did not have an editor.  I edited all of my books.  However, in the beginning, I had plenty of reviews that were low because of my lack of editing skills.  So, you know best.  Can you edit your book on your own or have some beta readers help you?  Then do it.  I am proof that you can have poorly edited books and still be successful.

However, since I hired an editor I have not received any bad reviews due to grammar, spelling or typos .  Thankfully!


Design a Book Cover, write the blurb, research Keywords and start on your newsletter.

I design all of my own book covers.  I spend $1 on each book cover design.  I have years of experience using Photoshop, but I still use Canva to design my book covers most of the time.  It’s just so simple.

I write a quick blurb, just a catchy promotional piece for the book.

I research my keywords.  Keywords are so important.  I use KDP Rocket.  It is well worth the $97.

Then I start working on my newsletter.


Format and Publish the book.  I use the FREE Kindle Create Add In App for Word and it makes formatting SIMPLE!!!

To publish, upload the book, the cover, the blurb, and the keywords into Amazon KDP and hit publish!

Once the book is LIVE on Amazon, I then put the links in my newsletter and schedule the it to go out on Tuesday Morning!

Is It Really That Simple?

Yes.  Once you get a pattern down, it really is that easy.  Just keep at it!

Have Questions?

Are you struggling?  Let me know how I can help!  Send me an email to authorhopeford@gmail.com