I am on the mailing list for Alessandra Torre and she sent out a super helpful email last week.  I wanted to make sure you get access to what she shared.  (Let me go ahead and say here, I am not an affiliate for Inkers Con or Alessandra Torre.  I just really enjoy all of the the information she shares)

Lately, I have been looking for ways to be more productive on my Instagram Profile.  Well, when I got this email from her I knew it was good stuff and had to share it.

There is a video and a downloadable cheat sheet.  Here is the link:  Alessandra Torre’s 5 IG Hacks

She teaches you how to:

  1. Quiz your readers
  2. Use your desktop
  3. Post text-only story posts
  4. Create Peekaboo Images that tease readers with future covers, WIPs or teasers.
  5. Use the Creator Profile
    Plus the *bonus* hack: Using the countdown timer!

While you’re on her site, you may want to check out her Inkers Con Conference.  I attended the digital conference last year and it was awesome.  I have learned so much and having it in digital format has been really nice because I’m able to rewatch the videos.

Some of the things I learned were:

  • Marketing Strategies for KU
  • Everything about Goodreads
  • How to have a successful backlist
  • and my favorite, Newsletter Success

How do you use Instagram?

Do you have some hacks on using Instagram?  Please comment below!

Inkers Con and 5 IG Hacks