I get asked this a lot.  My book is not selling… now what?

And sometimes this happens.  I have books I had to change the cover on, change the subtitle, change the keywords, and more!  Below I am going to share with you all the things I look at when I don’t have a book that sells well.

Book Cover

How does your cover compare to the other books in your category?  Is it comparable?  Does it stand out – in a good way?  I always like to look at the top twenty books in my category to see if I need to make changes to my book cover.

Here is a perfect example.  For my Knox Dude Ranch Series, the second book is my least selling book in the series.  In my opinion, it is 100% because of the cover.  It doesn’t really reflect the series or even my style of books.  So, I know I need to change this cover.  Which I will be doing soon!

Be My Cowboy In Love With A Cowboy Last Chance Cowboy


Is the Title and Subtitle GOOD?  You want a catchy title and a subtitle that tells what the book is about?  Does your’s do that?


Did you put too much information in your blurb?  You want it to be catchy!  And you want the reader to WANT MORE when they read your blurb.  So, ask yourself, do you have a good blurb?


If you’ve read my blog at all, you will know that I am big on the importance of KEYWORDS.  I attribute a lot of my success to using AWESOME keywords.  So make sure you are using good keywords.  You can read my post on keywords here:

Best Product for Keywords

Need my help with Keywords


Did your book get placed into the right categories?  If not, change the two categories you selected when you uploaded your book.  You can also add categories, just send amazon an email to let them know what categories you want to be added to.  KDP Publisher also can help you choose a good category.

Newsletter and Social Media

Did you send your new release announcement to your subscribe list?  Did you resend to any unopens?  Did you post your release on all of your social media accounts?  I don’t care if you only have 5 subscribers or 5 followers, you should always let them know – build a relationship with your readers!  I go into this more HERE!


Are you getting a lot or even a few bad reviews?  If you are, are they legitimate reasons?  Does your book need proofread, edited, etc.  If so, make the changes and get your book back up there!

How long has it been since your last book?

Honestly, if you only have a few books out, my best suggestion is to keep writing.  Amazon Kindle Unlimited readers (especially) are voracious readers.  They like to know that you are an author with a big back list and that you are going to keep putting books out.  Unless you plan to put down money for marketing, this is the best way to gain traction – KEEP WRITING!

I hope this helps you!  If you have a question, send me an email!