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How To Find Keywords for Amazon

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How Do I Get My Keywords?

This is a common question I get.  Probably because I make sure to tell anyone that is interested that two of the main things I attribute my success to is my publishing schedule and my keywords.

If you are interested in reading more about my publishing schedule, you can read about it in The Short Story Romance Handbook.

For keywords, I use Publisher Rocket to research all of my keywords.  It is a great resource for authors.  It has helped me get to the first page of searches on Amazon.  That is huge!  It does many things, but my focus today is only the keyword search function.  Keywords are important to authors because it is how you are found on Amazon – especially if you are a new author.

What Are You Going To Learn In The Course?

  • How to Brainstorm Keyword Ideas
  • How to Use Publisher Rocket to Check the Keywords

The FREE Course Break Down

  • Video 1 – Keyword Brainstorming
    I show you the four different categories I examine when coming up with search ideas
  • Video 2 – Keyword Brainstorming Example
    A summary of a book is given and then I provide an example of how I would fill out the Keyword Brainstorming Form (The form is included)
  • Video 3 – Publisher Rocket Overview
    A basic overview is provided of Publisher Rocket and what to look for when searching for Keywords
  • Video 4 – Publisher Rocket Keyword Search
    In this video, I go through Publisher Rocket and show you how I come up with good keywords.

Keyword Course

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Links To Learn More

7 KINDLE KEYWORDS: USE ALL 50 CHARACTERS OR NOT?  – I wanted to share this article because it just came out today.  It has a new way of doing keywords for Amazon.  I have not tried it yet, but I plan to. 

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