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Is Convertkit a Good Email Marketing Tool for Authors?

YES!  There are so many things I can do with Convertkit!  I feel like it gives me more information about my subscribers (readers) and that in itself is a gold mine!

What are my favorite things about Convertkit?

1 – When you set up a form, you can set it up to automatically tag a subscriber.  What does that mean?  Well, I can have the subscriber tag themselves as a subscriber of Author Hope Ford and/or Short Story Side Hustle.  So when I send out broadcasts to my readers, I choose to send to my Author Hope Ford tag.  When I send to people that want to learn about writing, I choose my Short Story Side Hustle tag.  Do you have multiple pen names?  You can do the same with those.

2 – If I have two pen names, I can use one account for both.  I can tag them like above, but also even send emails from different email addresses.

3 – Automations!!! When a subscriber joins, I can set up an automation for their tag to go to a sequence.  Read more about my Welcome Sequence HERE!

4 – Resending unopened emails is easy!  You click a button!  I love this feature.  I never used to do this, now for every broadcast I send, I wait a few days and send the same email to the subscribers that did not open the first one.  In my latest broadcast, my 1st email had a open rate of 53%.  My second (resend) email had an open rate of 24%.  Imagine all those subscribers I would be missing if I didn’t send that 2nd email!

5 –  If you add a link in your email, you can tag it.  This is great!  For example, when I send an email out letting my subscribers know that there is a new release, I include a link for US purchase, CA Purchase and AU Purchase.  When I set a tag for each of these, it tells me how many people clicked on each link!  This is great feedback on your readers!

6 – Inthe last email tool I used, I had big beautiful pictures, columns and layouts.  Convertkit is not that way.  They have sleek, simple designs.  At first I thought I wouldn’t like it.  But they have statistics and information on why their designs are better for avoiding spam and increasing your rates.  My new release I email had a 10% increase on open rates and a 8% increase on click rates.(compared to the previous week’s email from another provider)

I hope you found this information helpful.  Even if you don’t use Convertkit, I do hope you use the different tools your email service provides (tagging, automation, and resending).  I plan on updating this list as I go!  I’m still learning!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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